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In 2018, INVT Goodrive5000 series high-voltage variable frequency speed control system has been continuously and stably operated for three months in the condensing pump of a 660 MW unit and the feed pump and blower of a 200 MW unit at a large power plant in Inner Mongolia. The project was successfully accepted and achieved good energy saving benefits and social benefits.

01. Faith will move mountains

INVT is committed to providing complete system solutions to project customers and accumulating in projects such as energy conservation and technological transformation. In the past five years, INVT’s capabilities and experience have grown. This time, INVT has impressed customers with professional products and services, and assumed all the turnkey projects in the project including equipment, civil engineering, electrical, cooling systems and other design and installation.

02. Concentric Uniting, Successful Operation

It was a joy to receive the project, and then INVT was quickly involved in the actual survey and design of the project. As the project progressed, it was found that the project technical difficulty was complicated and could not be compared with any conventional small and medium-sized projects. More importantly, the project required the differential protection of the auxiliary equipment of the power system above 2000kW to operate normally in the case of industrial frequency conversion switching, and the DCS soda water control system can be optimized in the case of variable frequency running in order to achieve the maximum energy saving space and ensuring safe operation of the unit.

People from INVT had every detail of the scene carried out a detailed survey and record, and tried their best to do best. On the one hand, They meet as far as possible against the front and accurately provided the required information and documentation. At the same time, the designers repeatedly reviewed the drawings and the commissioning personnel repeatedly simulate the on-site working conditions, and after the scientific and rigorous verification, the most reliable and safe project plan was finally output.

In the follow-up three-month project construction process, INVT gave full play to their professional technical and service capabilities. Under the trust and understanding of customers and the support and cooperation of partners, the difficulties were overcome in turn and the success of the project operation.

03. Helping Enterprise Development ,Improving Economic Efficiency

During the three-month trial running, after monitoring the unit load and inverter operation data, compare with the pre-retrofit working conditions: 660MW unit condensate pump motor under 400WM load power, the power saving rate can reach 45%-60%; 200MW unit With the adjustment of load, the power saving rate can reach 17.7%-20%, which significantly reduces the electricity consumption of customers. According to this calculation, the investment return period of the whole project is less than 18 months, and the social and economic benefits are remarkable.

04. Creating Value, Service Customers

The successful implementation of the technical transformation project and indicate that INVT has the construction management capability of the large-scale project package, extending from the provision of equipment services for customer to the completion of the integrated system turnkey project.

In the future, INVT will continue to plow in the metallurgical, chemical, electric power and other industries, provide integrated technical support and services for more engineering project customers, create value and serve customers.

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