INVT hands with “Green Photovoltaics” , “Light up” for people in the desert

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Have you been to the desert?Did you ever know how people live in the desert? June 17,the 28th Desertification and Drought Day. The global announce theme is "Rising up from drought together". INVT hands with “Green Photovoltaics”“Light up” for people in the desert

INVT Solar Pumping System Project:

Achieve all-weather automatic tracking of photovoltaics;  Dozens of fault protections;  High efficient operation;

Project covers all over the Sahara Desert and the mountains of the Middle East region

Pumping groundwater hundreds of meters deep

Solve the shortage of water resources for hundreds of thousands of people in the desert

Including water requirements for desert management and agricultural cultivation


INVT Solar ESS & Charge System project:
On & Off grid working mode;

Intelligent charging and discharging of power;

Efficient power management;

Project covers desert area in western South Africa, Southeast Asian, and mountainous area in North America

Perfectly solve the household electricity demand of small villages

Each household can reduce the emission of 4 tons of polluting gas every year

Promote the development of green energy grid


INVT Solar Off Grid System:
Perfect adaptation to multiples family loads;
Support parallel expansion;
Compatible with various lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries
Project covers sub Saharan region, the Southeast Asian, and the remote areas of South America
Solve the electricity demand of tens of thousands of households
Replace most of the energy consumption of diesel power generation
Reduce dependence on traditional fossil energy


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