Let’s enjoy the “virtual experience” of INVT VR exhibition

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Recently, INVT VR exhibition was published. In the context of digital media and epidemic, INVT uses virtual reality technology to combine with classical ideals to bring you realistic scene experience through VR exhibition.


Entering the VR exhibition hall, you can choose the guided tour mode of full screen, VR glasses and perspective switching. And according to your own habits on brightness, perspective, moving speed and other independent settings you will get a personalized panoramic tour experience. You will also be given guide text and a promotional video when visiting which bring you a multi-sensory shock. The scene selection includes the four important scenes of INVT: INVT  head office of GuangMing Technology Building, Shenzhen Factory, Suzhou Factory and Laboratories.


Firstly, you enter the INVT head office of GuangMing Technology Building. The stunning drone shot takes you to an all-round view of the INVT GuangMing Technology Building. After that you will enter the office park,the lobby and take a close tour of the inside building.  At the same time you will feel the vision/mission/core value of INVT.


With the entry into Shenzhen and Suzhou factories the camera shot will take you to experience the production environment, reception, production workshop and warehouse so that you can have the site feel that the production process of INVT products.


The last stage of the VR exhibition takes you to the INVT labs. The patent wall records the achievements created by INVT R&D engineers. And it is also a glorious medal of INVT. Six specific laboratory scenes are displayed to let you intuitively experience INVT R&D facilities and advantages.


After the wonderful VR exhibition tour, if you have any questions please click Contact Us for further information. Break the distance and time limitation, with efficient, convenient and low-cost form and open the communication bridge between INVT and you.
INVT makes every effort to provide the best products and services to allow partners more competitive. The VR exhibition is waiting for your visit and look forward to meeting you online.

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