Three INVT products were rated as "Famous and High-tech products of Guangdong Province in 2021"

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Recently, "Famous and High-tech products of Guangdong Province in 2021" was announced. INVT products “GD350 series high performance multi-function VFD based on Extended Technology”, "HT11 6-20K series UPS" and "Modular UPS series" have been successfully rated after multiple reviews such as data review, expert selection and public notice. Only 76 products were selected in Shenzhen.


This is an approval to the professional of INVT in the field of industrial automation,energy and  power from Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association, and it is also an affirmation of the advanced nature of INVT independently developed products.

The rating of "Famous and High-tech products" is a rating activity held by Guangdong high-tech enterprise association based on the needs of national and provincial development strategies to select domestic products that are the first to reach the international or domestic advanced level. The rating threshold of this activity is high and difficult. All the rated products are famous and high-quality high-tech products that can replace imports, which represent the advanced level of domestic technical products and reflect the independent innovation and core competitiveness of the enterprise.
Relying on the comprehensive advantages of outstanding scientific and technological innovation ability, international leading technical indicators and high value to industrial development, these three kinds INVT product won this award, which further demonstrated the comprehensive advantages of INVT in the field of high and new technology, which is of great significance to INVT continuous promotion of independent research and development, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, cultivating new kinetic energy and realizing high-quality development.
In the future, INVT will continue to take “Honesty and Integrity, Professionalism and Excellence” as the business philosophy, constantly break through key core technologies, solve problems, fill weaknesses and increase advantages, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, meet the needs of various differentiated application scenarios, help the development of national "famous and high-tech", and become a world leading and respected product and service provider in the field of industrial automation, energy and power.

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