2022 H1 INVT Global Partners Conference Successfully Held Online

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The representatives from all over the world of INVT sales network joined this online conference to review the achievements in the first half of 2022, discuss the new challenges and opportunities under the pandemic in the second half of 2022.

At the start of conference, Mr Wang Jian, the vice president of INVT Industrial Automation Business unit, gave the kick off to summarize the achievements and expressed gratitude to all partners for their contribution and hard-working. Mr. Alan Song, the sales director of INVT overseas business unit, reviewed the overseas market and elaborated the business plan in the second half. In addition, the senior engineers also renew the product map and introduce new products, solutions and applications for the participants.


At the same time the partners , as the representatives, shared their experience on distribution channel development in the local market and successful solution in segments. Both parties exchange and discuss their concerns and suggestions under the uncertainty circumstances.

In the second half of 2022, INVT will continue to cooperate with all the partners around the world to reach a new milestone in success. We are also looking forward to having more partners join us to expand the market together.

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