When INVT Industry Meets Medical Industry

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As early as 1839, ozone was used in the medical industry because of its strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Medical ozone is a certain proportion of pure oxygen-ozone mixture, but the clinical use of ozone is not easy because oxygen atoms with strong oxidizing power are very active, which makes medical ozone need on-site configuration and immediate use, so the medical ozone generator specially developed for medical treatment came into being. The medical ozone generator needs to meet these conditions:

1. Rapidly prepare ozone speed in 5 seconds,

2. Accurate concentration,

3. Stable efficiency.

How can we produce ozone quickly, accurately and steadily? To untangle this problem, let us first talk about how ozone generators make ozone.

How does the ozone generator work?

Nowadays, the high-pressure discharge type ozone generator is the most popular. The principle is to let the purified dry air or oxygen flow through the gap of the high-voltage electrode, when the voltage applied between the electrodes is greater than that of critical oxygen corona, the chemical bond in some oxygen molecules is broken to generate an oxygen atom, and under certain conditions, the oxygen atom combines with the oxygen molecule to generate ozone.

The traditional high-voltage discharge type ozone generator adopts the power frequency power supply, and it is input to the discharge electrode after being boosted by the voltage regulator. The structure is simple and the cost is low, but the discharge efficiency and the ozone output are low, the working frequency is unstable, and the output voltage varies with the input AC voltage fluctuations and so on. That is why the traditional high-pressure discharge ozone generator is not suitable for some industries with high oxygen demand or strict cost control.

Ozone generator frequency power supply under new technology

To make oxygen, power is the key. INVT MF100 series special IF power supply frequency converter is such a power supply. It can turn the power frequency AC power into IF single-phase power, so that the output voltage and current can be adjusted. Combined with special processing hardware devices and development software, the highest output frequency can reach 6000Hz. At the same time, in order to fully embody the "High tech, high touch", INVT MF100 series special frequency inverter also has automatic frequency finder and IoT equipment remote monitoring functions. That greatly eliminates the cost of manual debugging and improves equipment efficiency. It is also easy to monitor the status of the equipment, making the entire ozone generator system more reliable and efficient.

When INVT industry meets the medical Industry, a beautiful “oxidation-reduction” reaction occurred in the INVT MF100 series power supply dedicated inverter.

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