Cancel PV VAT! The U.K. plans to have 70GW of PV installed capacity in 2035

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According to foreign media reports, in order to cope with the growing uncertainty in the energy field and the volatility caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the past month, the U.K. government has issued an energy security strategy, which details the goal of increasing the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation by five times, that is, by 2035, the photovoltaic installation system will increase from the current 14GW to 70GW. At the same time, the U.K. government announced the abolition of the value-added tax on household photovoltaic systems.

According to the strategy, the U.K. government is planning to negotiate relevant rules to simplify the promotion of photovoltaic systems. At the same time, residential and commercial roof photovoltaic developers will also consult on relevant licensed development rights, fundamentally simplify the planning process, and consider the best way to install photovoltaic systems on the roof of the public sector. In terms of the installation of large-scale photovoltaic systems, the U.K. government will negotiate to modify the planning rules to strengthen the policies conducive to the development on unprotected land. This includes ensuring that communities continue to be able to express their views on developments and work to protect the environment.

Chris Hewett, chief executive of the U.K. photovoltaic Association, said, "the U.K. government plans to increase the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems by five times by 2035, which shows that it now has the same goal with the U.K. photovoltaic industry. The announced planning, auction of contracts for difference and changes in potential low-cost financing schemes may significantly accelerate the deployment of photovoltaic systems, reduces energy costs and makes energy safer in the U.K."

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