3M coolant plant "closed indefinitely", wafers inventory reported an emergency

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Recently, due to the strict environmental protection policy implemented by the Belgian government, the plant Zwijndrecht of 3M in Flanders will be "closed indefinitely". This factory mainly produces semiconductor coolant, accounting for 80% of the world's share, which is almost a monopoly. Since the semiconductor production line usually operates continuously for 24 hours, the relevant semiconductor equipment needs constant temperature cooling through coolant to ensure stable operation. Therefore, coolant is an essential material for semiconductor production.

The international leading wafers factories are almost all 3M customers, including TSMC, UMC, Samsung, SK Hynix, etc. the indefinite closure of 3M Belgium semiconductor coolant factory may have a great impact on these important customers.

According to industry insiders, at present, the inventory of semiconductor coolant of 3M related customers can withstand one to three months. Unless this problem is solved within this period of time, the global wafer manufacturing industry may face a huge impact.
At present, 3M has made corresponding treatment and invested 150 million Euro to actively solve the problem of traditional manufacturing and disposal of Polyfluoroalkyl / Perfluoroalkyl substance, but it is unclear when to solve it.;

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