Wolfspeed opens world's first 200mm silicon carbide plant

Release time:2022-06-27 Click amount: 405

On April 25, Wolfspeed, a global leader in silicon carbide (SiC) technology and manufacturing, announced the official opening of its silicon carbide SiC manufacturing facility in Mohawk Valley, New York, USA. This cutting-edge 200mm fab will help lead the entire semiconductor industry's transition from silicon to SiC-based semiconductors.

Wolfspeed's official website pointed out that this fully automatic new factory in Mohawk Valley will be the world's first and largest 200mm silicon carbide SiC factory, providing high-quality, higher-yield wafer products. At the same time, the devices developed by this factory can also effectively meet the needs of Wolfspeed's more than $20 billion sales channel and the global semiconductor industry. It is reported that earlier this month, the first batch of SiC has been manufactured at this new factory.

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