Synchronous Switching in Lukoil in Russia Case - GD5000 MV Inverters

Release time:2020-04-04
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Project introduction:

Synchronous switching technology is used for bumpless switching between inverters and power grids. It adopts phase-locked loop technology, thus the frequency, phase, amplitude of inverter output voltage is consistent with those of power grid which can realize smoothly switching between inverters and grids. The technology provides a convenient and reliable solution for starting heavy load, automatically soft-starting multi-pumps in turn, frequently switching systems between systems between inverters and power grids.

Site information:

Main circuit:

Main circuit of one-drive-three synchronous switching

Features and advantages:

1) The inverter supply the motor during the whole process of switching, speed matching fine

2) No limit of load characteristic, to all kinds of load, can be achieved low impact current

3) Easy realizing scheme

4) Support both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor

5) Be able to realized one inverter start more motors in sequence, lower equipment cost

Application figures:


Adopt mv drive synchronous switching between power frequency and variable frequency, realizing bumpless switch, realizing soft start of multi-motor in sequence, and adjust speed of one motor, reaches the control target, and it has better energy efficiency, one-drive-more also reduce much equipment cost.

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