High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulation System Applied in Kiln Tail Hot Fan

Release time:2020-04-04
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Project overview

A Tibetan building materials company located in more than 3700km above sea level plateau, the kiln tail hot fan in the production line is driven by a 10kV/2800kW asynchronous motor. The fan air flow is mainly regulated by the hydraulic coupler with low energy transfer efficiency and serious waste. Hydraulic coupler and other auxiliary speed control device contain many failure points and large maintaining works. In addition, the irregular "collapse" in cement production process may cause high temperature fan load suddenly increasing, which will cause the trip and lead to shutdowns.

Schematic plan

Benefit analysis

1.Avoid energy waste, significant energy - saving effect ;

2.Achieve motor soft start, without inrush current ;

3."collapse" will not cause inverter shut down, ensure the continuity of production ;

4.Reduce maintenance work, extend the cycle and decrease the cost;

5.Power factor is increased and improve the quality of power grid.

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