INVT GD800 VFD for Sugar Mill Centrifugal Machine

Release time:2020-04-04
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Scraper centrifugal:

Scraper Centrifuge is mainly used to separate, concentrate and clarify two different materials.

This device is for white sugar production. It has these Mechanical characteristics:

1. Starch centrifuge using the overhead drive, bearings and spindles only bear the weight of the rotor, does not withstand the huge radial thrust, so the bearing and spindle life greatly improved.

2. Rotor drum and disc diameter, processing capacity, material stay in the drum long time, the separation effect is good.

3. The use of a nozzle with a cam lock, and the tail of the nozzle patented shaped groove, to make replacement easier, the nozzle will not be damaged due to demolition, and the aperture is not easy to block, to ensure the continuous operation of the separator.

4. Selection of high-quality drive belt to ensure the service life and reliability of the work.

Fig.2 INVT VFD and solution for scraper centrifugal

The advantage of INVT VFDs driving:

1.4 quadrant driving

INVT GD800 series VFD is 4 quadrant vector control high performance inverter, adopts close-loop speed control, and makes sure the equipment work stable and accurate.

2.Automation control

INVT GD800 series VFD adopts Profinet communication to monitor the system running status and realize remote control. That also supports Profibus-DP/Canopen/Modbus and others fieldbus protocol, meets customers’ different requirement.

3.Significant energy saving

INVT GD800 series VFD adopts 4-quadrant control mode and transfers the energy back to power grid to save the energy and reduce the cost for customer.

4.Excellent overload capacity

INVT GD800 series VFD provides excellent overload capacity and high ingress protection class and that keeps the equipment work stably under full load conditions.

Fig.3 INVT VFDs for Scraper centrifugal

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