Mine Hoist Case - INVT GD300-19 Series Inverter

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Abstract: This article analyzes operating characteristics of mine hoist, controlling difficulty and special requirement to inverter, introduce GD300-19 series special inverter for crane, and advantage of GD300-19 applied to mine hoist.

Keywords: GD300-19, low-voltage inverter, mine hoist, crane


Hoist is one of the most important equipment in the mine. It can be used to lift waste rocks, coal and barren rocks out of the mine, and also used to transport persons, equipments and materials. There are some high requirements on the electric drive system of mine hoist, since the reliability of electric drive system not only affects production capacity of the mine, but also directly concerns the safety of all miners, and any failure of electric control equipment may result in personal injury or halt the normal production, therefore, it require mine hoist maintains smooth operation in four quadrants, supports frequent change in operating command, including forward rotation, reverse rotation, start, stop and brake, high overload capacity, high reliability for non-stop operation without fault.

Fig.1Hoist working diagram

2.Brief introduction of GD300-19

GD300-19 serial is special inverter for crane, which is researched and developed based on lifting load characteristics and controlling requirement.

AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%)

1.5~500kW (paralleled for higher power)

V/F and sensorless vector control (GD35-19 for closed-loop vector)

Mechanical brake control, pre-exciting and torque verification function for crane

Built-in dynamic braking unit up to 30kW

Support two groups of motor parameter

High overload capacity design: 150% 60s, 180% 10s, 200% 1s

Fig.2 GD300-19 inverter

3.Project information

CustomerHeibei Wuan Coal Mine
Motor typeAsynchronous motor
Rated voltage380V
Rated power450kW
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated current844A
Rated speed741rpm
Lifting speed3.8m/s

4.Schematic diagram

Fig.3 Schematic diagram

5.Parameter setting

6.Site photos

Fig.4 Site photos


INVT GD300-19 series is a high-performance vector control frequency drive, and it has been widely applied to crane, mine hoist as well as other equipments in hoist and lifting industry. When it is applied to the mine hoist, it achieves high-precision speed control and realizes safe and high-efficiency operation. There is no obvious mechanical shock when the mine hoist starts or stops, which greatly enhances the stability and comfortableness when the mine hoist is in operating status. Meanwhile, this application has also achieved good energy conservation effect, and it is the optimal choice for mine hoist transformation and upgrading.


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