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This paper mainly presents INVT CHV110 series inverter used for injection moulding machine in India. It gives the detailed solution for old injection moulding machine retrofitting to save energy. Engineering practice shows that INVT CHV110 series inverter has good performance and stability on injection moulding machine.

Keywords: CHV110, energy saving, invterter, injection moulding machine.

I. Introduction

The plastics processing industry is one of the biggest light industries in India, there are more than 50,000 related companies. And tens of thousands of old injection molding machines are widely applied in various processing in those companies which are imported from China, Gemery and Japan years before. These machines are without inverters and consume huge electricity. In order to decrease the production costs and improve the competitiveness of the products, inverters have to be applied in these machines to decrease the electricity consumption.

INVT CHV110 series vfd drive is spcially designed for injection moulding machine retrofitting. It has the following features:

● Frequency source: Compare pressure and flow signals output, current (0~1A) and voltage (0~10V) signal are valid

● Larger torque at low frequency, quick starting.

● Main circuit bypass function

● Built-in DC reactor (15kW~55kW), it can improve the power factor effectively.

● Automatically reset and power failure reset function, it ensures the continuous production and the productivity.

● Fault protection and self-locking.

● Strong anti-jamming capability.

II. Energy saving principle in injection moulding machine.

The following picture is showing the working flow of injection moudling machine.

Simply, there are six steps in one working cycle:

1) Molding and locking

2) Injection device moving forward

3) Injection and maintaining pressure

4) Cooling and pre-plastification of the products

5) Drawing back of the injection device

6) Mold unloading and product ejection

And the energy consumption diagram is as follows:

The red curve is the energy consumption of operating at grid power, and the green curve is the energy consumption of operating at inverter mode. The green eare is the total energy saving.

III. Successful case of INVT CHV110 series inverter

1, Site information

Totally there are 120 units injection moulding machine in the customer factory which imported from China eight years before. So far INVT has retrofitted 60 units, the rest are under process. One of the machine information and inverter configurations is as follows:

Type of the injection molding machineHAI TAI CHINA
Motor rated power45kW
Motor rated frequency50Hz
Motor rated voltage3phase 415V
Motor rated speed1470rpm
Motor rated current90A
Type of the equipped frequency inverterCHV110-045G-4

2, CHV110 electrical configuration diagram for the injection moulding machine

Standard connection diagram of the application of CHV110 in injection molding machine

3, CHV110 parameters setting for injection moulding machine

Function CodeNameDescriptionSetting Value
P0.00Control mode0, Sensorless vector control0
P0.01Running command source1, Terminal1
P0.02Up/Down setting2, Invalid2
P0.03Frequency A command source2, AI32
P0.04Frequency B command source1, AI41
P0.06Frequency commande selection3, A+B3
P0.11Acceleration time 00.0~3600.0s0.7
P0.12Deceleration time 00.0~3600.0s1.5
P2.00Inverter model0:G model0
P2.01Motor rated frequency0.01Hz~P0.0750
P2.02Motor rated speed0~36000rpm1470
P2.03Motor rated voltage0~3000V415
P2.04Motor rated current0.1~2000.0A90
P2.05Motor rated power1.5~900.0kW45
P4.12FWD/REV enable when power on1, Enable1
P5.25AI3 lower limit-10.00V ~10.00V0
P5.26AI3 lower limit corresponding setting-100.0%~100.0%0
P5.27AI3 upper limit-10.00V ~10.00V8.8
P5.28AI3 upper limit corresponding setting-100.0%~100.0%100%
P5.30AI4 lower limit0.00V~10.00V0.5
P5.31AI4 lower limit corresponding setting-100.0%~100.0%0
P5.32AI4 upper limit0.00V~10.00V9.4
P5.33AI4 upper limit corresponding setting-100.0%~100.0%100%
P8.16Fault auto reset times0~33
P8.18Reset interval0.1~100.0s1.0

IV.Customers' comments

Site pictures

1, Total 60 nos CHV110 (power range: 30~75kW) have been installed, the energy saving ratio is about 30%

2, Customers' comments

● The production costs are significantly reduced; the energy-saving effect is remarkable;

● The noise in the operating environment is reduced; the temperature of the oil system is lowered;

● The motor is started smoothly, so the impact on the power grid and the machine is reduced, and the equipment maintenance is reduced;

● The efficiency of the power grid is increased and the power grid capacity used is reduced, thus the cost of power grid expansion is saved;

● The impact of mold-locking open is reduced, which will extend the service life of machinery and molds;

● The service life of hydraulic system is extended, thus maintenance times will be fewer and a lot of maintenance costs will be saved;

● It has a variety of motor protections, such as over-voltage, over-current and absent phase;

● Energy-saving and power frequency can be easily switched, to ensure that the production is not affected when fault occurs in the energy-saving system.

V. Conclusion

Engineering practice shows that INVT CHV110 series inverter has good performance and stability on injection moulding machine. It can effectively solve the current problems faced by the frequency transformation of injection molding machines; it is an effective method for energy-saving. It is worth promoting in the plastics industry.


《CHV110 series inverter operation manual》

《Introduction of the Structure and Principles of the Injection Molding Machine》

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