Application of High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulation System in Underground Drain Pump

Release time:2020-04-04
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Project overview

The underground drain pump in a mine factory of Guizhou Zijin Group is driven by a 10kV / 630kW motor, the capacity is mainly supplied by the on-site generator, the company uses the stator string reactor start mode, but still cannot fully meet the requirements. In addition, the scene needs to start and stop the motor according to the water level change, all day need someone on duty with large labor intensity.

Schematic plan

Note: adopting a separate system design structure convenient for the installation of underground and parallel cabinet

Benefit analysis

Motor achieves soft start and soft stop, small start current, fully meeting the working conditions, and eliminating the "water hammer" effect.

System power factor is improved, less reactive power demand;

Improve the degree of automation, without manual operation;

The inverter is equipped with a heating and dehumidifying device, and the stability is enhanced to meet the requirements of underground moisture protection.

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