Application of High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulation System in Roller Press Project Overview

Release time:2020-04-04
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In order to increase the daily processing capacity of ore, a tungsten plant in Ninghua Fujian has introduced a roller pressure system; the dynamic and fixed roller of roller press is respectively driven by two sets 10kV/630kW motors. At present, almost all the roller presses are constant frequency speed control, which results in the unadjustable output, and the over-current phenomenon caused by the imbalance of dynamic and fixed roller motor power.

Schematic plan

Benefit analysis

Master and slave control to achieve dynamic roller and fixed roller power balance, improving the system stability

Roller presses capacity can be adjusted in real time according to site conditions, to avoid energy waste

Motor to achieve zero impact soft start

Low frequency large torque characteristics of the inverter fully meet the roller press heavy load start.

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