Application of GD5000 High Voltage Frequency Converter in Pipeline Oil Pump

Release time:2020-04-04
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Project overview

The 1st oil production factory of Daqing oil field is the largest oil production plant in China and the first oil production plant to achieve the cumulative production of 500 million tons crude oil, an oil depot of the oil production plant is configured with two sets 6kV / 315kW and two sets 6kV / 280kW oil pumps with dual pump parallel operation, the valve opening does not exceed 30%, which are the most important energy-consuming equipment in the oil tank production and operation.

In order to respond to the calling of national energy-saving emission reduction, reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness, the company adopts two sets of INVT GD5000 high-voltage frequency speed control system. The scene main circuit adopts one driving two structure to reduce the equipment size, adjusting the pump rotational speed by variable frequency to meet the different operating conditions, which has eliminated the throttle loss generated by pressure drop of oil pump and reduced the oil consumption, reaching the energy saving and process improvement.

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