GD20-09 Series VFD for Crane

GD20-09 series VFD for crane is an open-loop vector control VFD that INVT develops for cranes based on the load characteristics and control requirements of electric hoists, European-style cranes, and small-tonnage gantry or bridge cranes. Compliant with crane industry standards, integrated with crane-specific functions, and compact structured, the VFD achieves excellent performance, carries the built-in braking unit for the entire series, adopts the overall EMC design, and passes rigorous reliability testing, meeting the environment requirements on low noise and low EMI in the application sites, and greatly improving product reliability.
Power range: AC 380V (-15%)–440V (+10%) 0.75–37kW
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• Built-in braking unit configured for the entire series

* Dedicated terminal design, diverse choices

* Special-purpose braking logic:
- Special-purpose braking logic: Integrates with torque verification to achieve safe run without slip after torque establishment;
- supports starting direction selection and brake selection in FWD/REV switchover to meet various starting requirements flexibly.

* Application macros:
Integrates a variety of crane application macros and supports user-defined macros, which are easy to commission and use.

* Conical rotor motor control:
  Helps adjust the magnetic flux based on the characteristics of conical rotor motor to realize fast brake release and closing control, simplify the commissioning steps, and ensure equipment safety.



Power input

Input voltage (V)

AC 3PH 380V (-15%)–440V(+10%); Rated voltage: 380V

Input current (A)

For details, see "Product ratings".

Input frequency (Hz)

50Hz or 60Hz; Allowed range: 47–63Hz

Power output

Output voltage (V)

0–Input voltage (V)

Output current (A)

For details, see "Product ratings".

Output power (kW)

For details, see "Product ratings".

Output frequency (Hz)


Technical control performance

Control mode

Space voltage vector control, and sensorless vector control   (SVC)

Motor type

Asynchronous motor (AM)

Speed ratio

For AMs: 1: 200 (SVC)

Speed control accuracy

± 0.2% (SVC)

Speed fluctuation

± 0.3% (SVC)

Torque response

< 20ms (SVC)

Torque control accuracy

10% (SVC)

Starting torque

For AMs: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC)

Overload capacity

Compliant with the load requirements of duty type S3

Braking capability

100% for long time, 120% for 1 minute, and 170% for 10 seconds  

Running control performance

Frequency setting method

Settings can be implemented through digital, analog,   multi-step speed running, Modbus communication and so on. Settings can be   combined and the setting channels can be switched.

Automatic voltage regulation

The output voltage can be kept constant although the grid   voltage changes.

Fault protection

More than 30 protection functions, such as protection against   overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, phase loss,   underload, and overload

Peripheral interface

Terminal analog input resolution

No more than 20mV

Terminal digital input resolution

No more than 2ms

Analog input

One input; AI2: 0–10V/0–20mA
  For 5.5kW and higher models: Compatible with PT100 input. Whether the input   type is AI or PT100 is set through the DIP switch. 

Digital input

Eight regular inputs, two of which support PTC input, while   PTC acts at 2.5kΩ
  Internal impedance: 6.6kΩ

  Max. input frequency: 1kHz
  Supporting internal power 24V

  Supporting the voltage input of external power (-20%)24–48VDC(+10%) and   (-10%)24–48VAC(+10%)
  Bidirectional input terminals, simultaneously supporting NPN and PNP   connection methods

Relay output

Three programmable relay outputs
  RO1A: NO; RO1B: NC; RO1C: common
  RO2A: NO; RO2C: common
  RO3A: NO; RO3C: common
  Contact capacity: 3A/AC 250V, 1A/DC 30V


Temperature of running environment

-10°C–+50°C. Derating is   required when the temperature exceeds 40°C.

IP rating


Pollution degree

Degree 2

Cooling method

Forced air cooling

Braking unit

Already built in the entire series


Below 1000m. Derating is required when the altitude exceeds   1000m. Derate by 1% for each increase of 100m above 1000m.

DC reactor

The VFD models of 18.5kW and higher are equipped with built-in   DC reactors.

EMC filter

The VFD models of 3PH 380V 5.5kW and higher can meet   IEC61800-3 C3 requirements by connecting the jumper J10; the other VFD models   can meet IEC61800-3 C3 requirements after being configured with optional   external filters.

  The entire series can meet IEC61800-3 C2 requirements after being configured   with optional external filters.

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GD20-09 Series VFD Manual

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