DA300 Intelligent AC Servo Drive

DA300 series products are new-generation intelligent servo systems developed by INVT. DA300 is high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency, high cost-effectiveness, and intelligent option for industrial motion control devices. With the excellent driving performance, DA300 can help the equipment manufacturing industry to improve their value and efficiency. DA300 series products are widely applied to general-purpose devices, including robots, electronic devices, machine tools, laser equipment, printing and packaging devices, battery equipment, woodworking machinery, warehousing and transport tools, rubber and plastics machinery, and textile machinery.
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Quick response
Response frequency of 3.0 kHz.
High-precision control
Standard multi-23bit ABS encoder.
More abundant communication interfaces
Support bus communication protocols including Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT.
More built-in hardware protection
More motor and encoder protocols
Support rotary motors, linear motors, DD motors, and third-party motors;Supporting absolute encoders as the second encoder.
Light and compacted structure
Designed in the integrated structure, significantly reduces the volume (compared to the single-axis machine)

DA300 Folders(EN)

DA300 AC Servo System Folders

DA300 Servo Drive 3D Files

DA300 AC Servo Drive EtherCAT XML FILE

Servoplorer(INVT Servo Monitor Software)

SV-DA300 Series AC Servo Drive Manual

DA300 Certificate of Conformity

DA300 Series AC Servo Drive EtherCAT Technical Guide

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