WIN EURASIA 2024:INVT Makes a Brilliant Appearance and Invites You to Stop By 8E210!

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On June 5th, WIN EURASIA 2024-World of Industry Fair, the largest international industrial fair of the region in its field, kicked off at the Istanbul Expo Center Turkey. INVT made a brilliant appearance at booth 8E210 with its latest products and solutions and received the attention and recognition of many customers.

In this exhibition, focusing on the automation, digitalization and intelligence of industrial manufacturing, INVT displays a variety of self-developed products and automation solutions to empower enterprises to move towards an efficient and sustainable future industry, including inverters, elevator control systems, servo systems, PLCs. The INVT team fully demonstrated the core functions and application scenarios of the product for the customers and shared excellent cases in different fields.


Comprehensive VFDs for Elevators
At WIN EURASIA 2024, INVT showcases a series of lift-dedicated VFDs, including EC300 Four Quadrant Intelligent Overall Machine, EC160A Elevator Intelligent Machine, EC30 Elevator Inverter, and the latest elevator inverter – GD390L Lift-dedicated VFD.

As the new generation of INVT elevator VFD developed for the European market, GD390L Lift-dedicated VFD employs superior vector control technology and integrates STO function, electronic star shorting function, and other features like complaint with EU C2 filtering standards. It can be widely used in passenger and freight lifts in various residential buildings, public buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, and other areas.


Various New Products Unveiled
At the exhibition, INVT also displays various newly-launched products of industrial automation from ac drives to servos and PLCs, including SP100 Solar Pump Controller, TS600 Series Intelligent PLC, TM753 Series PLC, Flex Series I/O System, DA180A Series Basic AC Servo Drives, DA200 High Performance Servo Drives and more to help enterprises to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Besides, INVT hot general-purpose products like GD20-EU Series Drives, GD350 IP55 High-performance Drives, GD350A Series High-performance Multifunctional VFD, GD600 Series High-performance Multi-drive Drives, and AX Series Motion Controller are also available on the exhibition. You can also find dedicated VFDs like GD270 Series VFD for Fan and Pump, GD350-19 Series VFD for Crane, GD300-21 Air Compressor Dual Frequency Conversion Machine, etc.


The exhibition is stil ongoing, please visit INVT at at booth 8E210. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at WIN EURASIA 2024.

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