INVT New Electro-hydraulic Servo Solution with a High-precision Position Loop

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Hydraulic presses are important equipment in the field of metal processing. A large processing plant often has dozens or even hundreds of hydraulic presses.

1. Processing object

• Car sheet metal

• White goods sheet metal

• Die forgings

• Deep drawing parts

2.Main function

Replace the three-phase asynchronous motor of the universal hydraulic machine with INVT high-response, high-performance electro-hydraulic servo.

3. Applicable metal forming equipment types

• Universal hydraulic press – energy savings

• High-precision and high-performance hydraulic press with position control requirements – high-performance position control

• Powder metallurgy press – high precision powder metallurgy forming of 0.01 mm

The existing general hydraulic electro-hydraulic solution is generally like this:

What is the electro-hydraulic servo solution using INVT MH800?

Let's have a look:

INVT's solution advantages:

1. Replace the original three-phase asynchronous motor control scheme, which has the characteristics of energy saving, noise reduction and efficiency improvement;

2. Using the fuzzy control principle to achieve excellent double-closed-loop servo pressure and flow, and smooth conversion in the process of fast, work, pressure, and return;

3. The drive monitors the temperature change of the motor and the driver in real time, adjusts the system overload limit in real time, ensures the safe and stable operation of the motor and the drive, and prolongs the service life of the system;

4. Reduce equipment noise through the overall design of electromagnetic compatibility;

5. It has the anti-tripping performance and the ability to adapt to the harsh grid, temperature, humidity and dust, which greatly improves the reliability of the product;

6. Simple gain adjustment and gain switching function, which can flexibly adapt to various requirements in different processes;

7. Rich communication interface supports bus communication protocols such as Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, etc. It can realize mold protection, energy management, remote device monitoring and other functions through networking.

In addition to the above functions, what functions can the INVT MH800 electro-hydraulic servo drive achieve?

INVT's MH800 electro-hydraulic servo enables position control.

The position control function enables high-precision position control of the hydraulic cylinder, and its position control accuracy can reach 0.02mm accuracy at no load. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and energy saving.

What is the specific location loop control solution?

Please look down:

Excellent position loop performance enables electro-hydraulic servo position control.

Applicable equipment:

1. High precision powder metallurgy hydraulic press;

2.High-precision hydraulic press;

INVT high performance MH800 electro-hydraulic servo is the key to the success of the project.

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