INVT with Physis sign strategic cooperation agreement to promote the intelligent upgrade of products

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On August 15, Ningbo Physis Technology Co., Ltd. (Physis) and Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd. (INVT) held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Shenzhen.

With the signing of the agreement, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages to broaden the depth of cooperation. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in industrial automation, new energy vehicles and other fields by building a strategic investment cooperation platform, establish a strategic partnership, and work together to promote product intelligent upgrading and create more and greater value for customers.

Win-win cooperation and deepen cooperation to empower development

Many important leaders of the two parties attended the signing ceremony, demonstrating the importance both parties attach to the signing ceremony and their determination to continue cooperation thereafter.
The leadership lineup attending the signing ceremony was remarkable, demonstrating the importance of both parties to signing the contract and their determination to continue cooperation thereafter.

INVT with Physis sign strategic cooperation agreement

Physis: Chairman Ren Wenjie, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of International Business Group Ding Yahong, General Manager of Industrial Automation Business Group Wu Yuhui, Assistant Chairman Dong Yi, General Manager of Electronic Control Division Qin Xingquan, President of Zhejiang Electric Drive Innovation Center Research Institute Li Qingxu, General Manager of Electro-Hydraulic All Electric Division Hou Yueling, Deputy General Manager of Electronic Control Division Wang Gongming, etc.

INVT: Chairman Huang Shenli, Vice President and President of Industrial Automation Business Group Yang Lin, INVT Electric Drive Company General Manager Zhang Kemeng, Vice President of Industrial Automation Business Group Wang Jian, Vice President of Industrial Automation Business Group Dong Ruiyong, OEM Sales Center General Manager Liu Qiang, etc.

Share resources and create a benchmark cooperation model

Under the joint witness of both parties, Ren Wenjie, chairman of Physis, and Huang Shenli, chairman of INVT, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both parties. Wu Yuhui, general manager of Physis Industrial Automation Business Group, and Yang Lin, vice president and president of INVT Industrial Automation Business Group, signed a cooperation agreement in the field of electro-hydraulic servo on behalf of both parties.



The success of this strategic cooperation is based on the high compatibility of the values of two parties, which is the basis for deepening the future cooperation between the two parties, and the two sides will cooperate and work together in advantageous industries. It is believed that in the future, in the field of industrial automation and new energy vehicles, Physis and INVT will work together to promote the intelligent upgrading of product diversification, and the continuous transformation of industry solutions to achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit and win-win results. --Ren Wenjie, Chairman of Ningbo Physis Technology Co., Ltd.

Through the industrial model of sharing resources and common development, Physis and INVT can bring greater industry opportunities to both parties and help two parties have competitive advantages to occupy greater market, and the future is worth looking forward to! --Lin Yang, INVT Vice President and President of INVT Industrial Automation Group

As excellent representatives of Chinese industrial enterprises, the two parties have strengths in their respective fields. This cooperation will give full play to their advantages to build the core competitiveness of the joint brand in technology, products and markets to create more tangible business value for industry customers. --Huang Shenli, Chairman of Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.

Explore the influence upgrade in multiple fields

In recent years, INVT has achieved continuous market share growth in industrial automation, new energy vehicles and other fields. Meanwhile, INVT has continued to promote the implementation of comprehensive solutions to realize "digital intelligence", accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence in the industry, and usher in broad market development opportunities.

The cooperation between Physis and INVT represents the full recognition of each other's products and technical strength, and the unlimited expectations of two parties for related industries and fields. Afterwards, the two parties will further seize development opportunities. Be market-oriented and based on the principles of openness and sharing, the two parties will focus on the industry and customers, and explore the influence upgrading solutions in technology, product, marketing, operation management and more to help the industry achieve high-quality development.

About Physis

Established in 2001, Ningbo Physis Technology Co., Ltd. (Physis) is committed to the innovation and industrialization of electric drive technology to provide system products and comprehensive solutions for the field of motion control and energy conversion.

After years of brand precipitation, Physis has continuously integrated international market resources to layout the global industrial chain, established more than 10 domestic and foreign branches and subsidiaries, formed a marketing service network for the global market to promote industrial development. After years of breakthroughs in R&D technology and production technology, Physis has more than 300 authorized patents, including more than 60 invention patents, and has won the national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise. Besides, Physis participates in the formulation of many national and industry standards, and becomes the backbone of the industry's high-tech force!

In recent years, with the product technical characteristics of "high precision, high efficiency and high torque", Physis has gradually developed into a model of modern manufacturing enterprises with distinctive technical characteristics.

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