INVT Participated in Automation Expo 2023

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On August 23-26, INVT participated in Automation Expo 2023 at Bombay Exhibition Center, India, with cost-effective industrial automation products, Demo system and efficient solution, which are independently developed by INVT. Now let’s review the expo and go to see the various exhibits together!


Demo System

Firstly, there are three demo systems in the center of INVT booth, including Packing Machinery Demo System, Solar Pumping Controller System and Portable DEMO Case. By simulating the operation process of the products, they demonstrate the functions and features of the products clearly, combined with practical application scene, to make customers know our products’ performance more deeply.


Efficient Solutions

Secondly, we brought abundant solutions in different industry, such as crane, air compressor, cement and so on. INVT always pays close attention to industry news and continuously upgrades the solutions, trying our best to make customers more competitive.


 Multifunctional Products

Besides, INVT also showed the audience a series of products with breakthrough and outstanding functions, including HMIs, PLCs, VFDs and servos, etc. And our new product—GD27 Series Smart VFD was grandly launched this time, which can ensure response speed and stability at the same time. This series of products has adopted lightweight design and compact structure, which will adapt to the needs of industrial applications in compact spaces and provides customers with a better experience.


We sincerely appreciate everyone that communicated with INVT in the expo. And we are looking forward to the next time we meet and the future cooperation.


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