Release Pressure, INVT Family Starts a Fantastic Journey to Huidong

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The beginning of November, sunny sunshine along with some cool feeling, clear blue skies floating fleecy white clouds, all these make the most comfortable weather in Guangdong at the season: Seize the chance to enjoy the beautiful time; our INVT family starts a fantastic trip.

After an exciting journey on the way, we arrived at Xunliao Bay in Huidong country; it is also well-known for "China's Maldives". Our first station is the folk custom culture street; here we visited the famous Thean Hou Temple. Founded in Ming Dynasty, the Temple is the place for worshipping Sea Goddess- Heavenly goddess Mazu. When you wander on the street, you can fully experience the traditional Lingnan folk culture. We piously worshipped Goddess Mazu and some other gods; sincerely wish our family good health, our INVT thriving undertakings.

Second route was honorable person CS field operation, thankful to the lunch; we got full energy and enthusiasm to fight. First of all, the coach explained game rules, according to his instructions; we were divided into 2 parties—The Seal and The Black Eagle, the captain selected the unique combat uniform; each team should try their best to beat down enemies. The combat was filled with wits and funny, with no caution, you might shoot dead by opponent. Finally the coach announced The Black Eagle won the game, during 1 hour's fighting; we learned much, it is necessary to realize teamwork is the key to success, a thriving company must own a brilliant leader, and all the staff should be innovative and passionate.

When you release your energy and sweat a lot, what do you want most? Yes, relax to have a good rest. Our next station is to take a happy bath in hot spring. With cheerful mood, everybody dressed in their sexy swimwear, along with soft music, it's time to enjoy the splendid moment.

Don't think we still have no sense of hunger, that's impossible; we were ready to have the barbecue on the beach. If you come to us closely, you may find gastronomes have cooked delicious food, enjoying the barbecue, listening to burning music, chatting and sharing happy stories, a perfect day seemed finished.

Of course not, it is a pity if not go to sing KTV, isn't it? So the big family moved on to spend the beautiful and exultant night: finger-guessing, throwing the dice, singing and dancing, this is the only happy end of a perfect day.

Passion and challenge continued, the next day we were going to conquer a steep mountain named Nine Dragon Peak. Here you can admire the magic of nature: beautiful scenery perfectly combined with classical historical architecture and dense religious color. At first it was easy and everybody was full of energy at the moment, but when climbing higher and higher, some slowed down to have a rest. With confidence and a heart never giving up, our INVT family smoothly reached the top of Steep Mountain at last.

The last station is Yongji Ecological Park, as rumors say; distinctive dinner impressed us deeply, you can see many unusual fruits and vegetables planted by high-tech science here, it really interested us.

Look, what are our dear colleagues doing? They are playing bumper cars! How happy they are!

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