INVT AX Series Programmable Controller Won the CEC2020 Best Product Award

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Today, the 2020 (9th) Global Automation and Manufacturing Theme Summit and the CEC2020 Best Product Award Ceremony hosted by Control Engineering Network and China International Industry Expo was successfully held in Shanghai. INVT's AX series programmable controller won the best product award in the PLC and PAC categories.

The annual CEC Product Award is an authoritative product selection activity in the field of industrial control, automation and instrumentation in China. The selected products are not only technically representative and iconic in the industry, but also recognized by the industry.

The award-winning INVT AX series programmable controllers are high-performance general-purpose controllers for medium and large control systems. The controller has advanced built-in functions and rich scalability, highly integrated diversified motion control communication bus, connected with drive products, to provide customers with an excellent automation control system to improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce development and maintenance cost.

AX series programmable controllers have powerful communication networking capabilities. With Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANopen, and RS485 communication interfaces, support industry mains communication buses, and easily build control networks. The 100Mbps high-speed bus enables the control system to respond quickly and achieve precise control.

In addition, the AX series programmable controller supports high-level motion control such as electronic gears, electronic cams, and interpolation, integrates industry dedicated process library, and uses ST high-level language programming to greatly improve programming efficiency; through the Internet of Things module, it can also connect to cloud platforms, realize remote maintenance and remote management of equipment, enrich application scenarios, and create more possibilities.

The award of the AX series of programmable controllers is only a small part of INVT recent honors. On August 3rd, in the awards ceremony of the 18th annual selection of automation and intelligence, INVT also won the "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Award" by relying on the application of the DA300 linear drive in the die bonder.

Through more than ten years of continuous exploration in the industrial field, INVT has accumulated rich experience in product development, and established a complete technical personnel training system, product development system, new technology pre-research and development system, and built the first CNAS laboratory in the domestic industrial control enterprise, and has been at the forefront on the road to consolidate product quality.

At present, INVT has built a systematic solution for the whole process from the cloud to the control layer, drive layer, and execution layer, focusing and cultivating the field of industrial automation, continuing to provide users with fast, professional, and customized products and services to achieve customers and realize brand value, we are committed to becoming the world's leading and respected provider of products and services in the field of industrial automation.

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