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GD300 speed deviation failure dEu?

1. The parameter is incorrect, and the deviation of the output value of the speed and the value of the speed is more than that of the P11.14 (velocity deviation detections value). The duration of the parameter is more than P11.15 (the velocity deviation detection time).

2. The load inertia is too large at the start of the synchronous machine, and P13.11 is set too large, reduce the load inertia or increase P13.02 injection current.

3. ACC/DEC time is too short, increase ACC/DEC time.

4. The load is locked and check the mechanical system.

5. Synchronous motor is brake mechanically.

GD300 short circuit to earth ETH1?

The output of the GD300 inverter will automatically detect the output of the ground short circuit.

1. Damage to the inverter module, check the drive line and replace the device.

2. The motor is short circuit to the ground, please check whether the motor is short circuited, and confirm the insulation resistance of the motor.

3. Make sure the output wiring is correct, especially connect the output line to PE terminal.

GD300 jumps overvoltage ov2 and ov3?

1. The deceleration time is too short, the regenerative feedback energy is too large, increasing the ACC/DEC time properly.

2. Increase brake resistors or brake units and set the P08.37 (suitable for models under 30KW).

3. With the power feedback unit, it jumps ov3 (37KW or above with DC reactor) and must be connected to the terminal P1 and + terminal, which will disable the reactor.

GD300 motor stall overload OL2?

1. The motor is started with heavy load and the load is blocked, which is generally easy to generate OL2.

2. The motor is brake mechanically.

3. The motor parameters are not set correctly, or the autotuning is not allowed, please do the motor parameter autotuning again.

4. Torque limit, increase P3.20 and P11.06.

GD300 electricity leakage protection switch trips during operation?

1. Check the protection value of the leakage protection switch, whether the current protection value of the protection switch is proper, if it is not the specialized protective switch, please replace.

2. Remove the jumpers on the inverter power input terminal that meets C3 standards, confirm after power up again.

3. Current leakage protection switch is installed with filter capacitor.

Note: During operation, if current leakage protection switch trips, users can reduce the carrier wave.

CH series input phase loss SPI?

The SPI is input phase loss detection fault, which will occur if the phase loss occur during power up, UU fault will occur if  phase loss occur during operation. The possible causes may be:

1. In the condition that the input phase loss protection is opened, the input power supply phase loss occur;

2. In the condition that the input phase loss protection is opened, input the missing phase detection circuit failure.


1. Check whether the power input is normal (phase loss or imbalance among three phases)

2. Check the voltage between input phase loss test point PL and GND, normal DC is 5V, square wave during phase loss.

When input power is normal, if PL output phase loss occur, it may be caused by the front-end rectifier tube breakdown or current limit resistor open circuit, or due to poor contact of flat cable.

Bus voltage is low Uv during CH series operation?

1. Check whether the inlet voltage is too low or the power supply voltage fluctuates too much. If yes, adjust the voltage to normal range.

2. Check the keyboard to see whether the DC bus voltage is normal (1.35 times of the inlet voltage), check whether the PE.08 voltage rating is correct, if it is not standard voltage, adjust to the appropriate voltage.

3. Whether the voltage test point CVD voltage of the drive board is normal Ucvd/Udc= 3.3/1000), check whether the bus voltage residual voltage circuit on the power board is normal, such as  replacement of the corresponding damaged components.

4. For models above 37KW , check whether the fan is normal. If the fan is jammed or burnt, it will cause the contactor not to absorb and jump Uv.

CH series constant speed overvoltage Ov3?

1.Check whether the input voltage is too high and adjust the voltage to normal range (380V±15%), so that the DC bus voltage is no higher than 800V.

2.Check whether the parameter setting of inverter correct, or whether the motor autotuning parameter is correct. If it is incorrect, please correct the parameters according to the actual situation, and the motor parameters will be re-autotuned.

3.Check whether overcurrent stall occurred to the load during inverter operation, if yes, adjust the parameters, CHF: Pb.10=1, CHE:Pb.04=1, CHV:Pb.09= 1.

4.For other situations, users can install energy consumption brake device.

CH series deceleration overvoltage Ov2?

1.Check whether the input voltage is too high and adjust the voltage to normal range (380V ± 15%), so that the DC bus voltage is no higher than 800V.

2.Check whether the deceleration time is too short, and extend the deceleration time appropriately if conditions permit.

3.Check whether the load is too large or the load is driven by an external force during acceleration. If yes, cancel the external force, or change to free coast.

4.If condition 3 cannot be met,  install the brake device.

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