1.8MV Solar Power System Has Been Installed in Hunan, China

Release time:2020-04-03
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With the release of environmental friendly initiatives, more and more private manufacturers or personals build solar power stations to generate power and to reduce cost. In Nov, 2017, 1.8-megawatt solar power system has been constructed on the roof of a commercial power station in Liuyang economic development district, Changsha city, China, adopting 54 sets of INVT BG33KTR inverters.

Supporting the development of renewable energy is a critical part of INVT strategies, the company developed to provide reliable solution that is designed to maximise the return on your investment. After gathering information of the project and specific need, INVT provided solution that adopts 54 sets of INVT BG33KTR inverters so as to install capacity of 1.8 mw of rooftop solar power generation.

The inverter can start up the machine automatically without any man-made operation and debugging, it fully exhibits the outstanding quality of the inverter. PV inverter is a brain in PV power system and its performance has direct influence on the energy output and economic benefit.

iMars series three-phase inverter is an ideal solution for PV plants on the medium to very large scale, with high efficiency, advanced three-level technology, multi-MPPT tracking inputs, suitable for small or medium-sized grid-tied PV systems, such as commercial and industrial areas plant roof systems.

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