Application to 1.4MW Ground-Mounted Solar Power System in Fujian, China

Release time:2020-04-03
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In the year of 2017, INVT has made cooperation with Jiahan Electricity Technology Company and won the project for the installation of the solar power system in the factory, adopting 42 sets of INVT solar inverters. In the adoption of solar power system, the 1.4 MW power system finally made the decision to adopt 4446pcs of 15wp PV modules, and 42 sets of INVT Solar BG 33KTR solar inverters.

After grid connected operation, the system turns out to be feasible and can operate normally. It basically attained the anticipated target. And the GPRS monitoring modules were connected with each inverter, which ensures remote monitoring.

For this project commissioned in 2017, the electricity costs from renewable power generation have continued to fall. The adoption of INVT solar inverter brings its total annual generating capacity to 15 million and even 16 million kWh per year, and the amount of the energy is greatly saved, thus saving the cost. And the annual return will be up to about 15 million RMB.

The solar power system not only has good economic benefits, but also helps to protect our environment. The energy efficiency efforts are part of INVT s initiative, which aims to reduce 408 tons of carbon dust and 1495.5 tons of carbon dioxide. With the application of photovoltaic power generation, it is of great significance to promote the construction of green electricity net and to optimize the energy structure.

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