Changsha, Hunan 1.2MWp Distributed Solar Project

Release time:2020-04-02
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The project adopts 3546 pieces 320 polysilicon solar modules, 272 pieces 260 polysilicon solar modules, 34 sets of INVT BG33KTR inverter, two sets of INVT BG30KTR inverter, one set of INVT BG10KTR inverter. The project adopts the best angle model of stent, the total installed capacity is 1204KWp, two parallel points, 380v low voltage grid-connection. The annual power generation is expected to reach 1096,700 degrees.

Project adopts the cooperation mode of contract energy management, building owners provide roof for free, solar power generation is sold to the building owners by the current price of 8.5 discount.

Energy Efficiency Table of 1.2MWp Distributed Solar Project Investment in Changsha, Hunan Province

1Total Project Investment8.9124million
2IRR ( total investment ) rate of return12.59%
3First year power generation1.1769million
4Static investment payback period (after tax)6.09years
5Total investment rate of return7.03%
6Comprehensive price (tax included) 1 - 5 years1.3436 yuan/KWh
Comprehensive price (tax included) 6-20 years1.2456 yuan/KWh
Comprehensive price (tax included) 21-25 years1.0436 yuan/KWh
7annual savings of  standard coal394.79 tons
8annual reduced SO2 emissions32.90 tons
9annual reduced CO2 emissions1093.36 tons

The project is difficult to build a total of 11 solar buildings, the project is scattered and need to be confluence to achieve grid-connection.

The project achieves grid-connection in June 2017 and is in normal operation at present.

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