Application of INVT UPS Power Supply in Dali People 's Hospital

Release time:2020-04-04
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Dali People's Hospital was founded in August 1941. There are 922 hospital employees, 7 hospital existing chief physicians, 4 professors, 52 deputy chief physicians, 17 associate professors, 340 attending physicians, medicine, nursing, technicians, 12 lecturers. It has 1,000 beds with the annual outpatient amount of 36 million people, more than 1.5 million discharged patients, floor area of 120 acres, construction area of 82251.27 square meters, it’s honored as the 500 large general hospitals by the Ministry of Health. Dali People's Hospital is the only one national tertiary B class hospital in the whole state.

INVT UPS HT33060 series service in Dali state hospital machine room.

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