Application of RS3000 Rapier Electric Control System in Loom

Release time:2020-04-01
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1.Topic: Application of RS3000 rapier electric control system in rapier loom of Shanxi Jingwei Yuci Branch Company

2.Abstract: The overall electrical performance of warp rapier looms is improved. Maximum speed of loom reaches 600RPM, constant tension electric feed volume servo, spindle servo, electronic arm, 8 colors electronic weft selection can meet the weaving demands of different fabrics.

3.Key words: full servo electronic control system

4.Background description:

The domestic market’s demands for high-speed rapier looms continue to increase, combined with the loom requirements of Shanxi Jingwei Yuci Branch Company, INVT released a full servo electronic control system.

1.on account of serious batting and flying on the loom spot, with the using of loom oil system, INVT has developed oil-cooled spindle servo motor without hot air fan, which has solved the blocking phenomenon of original air-cooled motor fan.

2.The new natural cold control box is more in line with the scene. Improved spindle drive structure is changed from the forced air cooling into fanless natural cooling mode.

3.Self-developed electronic multi-arm drive board can replace the imported products; its excellent performance has been gained Staubli’s certification.

RS3000 rapier electronic control system has a high degree whole automation, and can fully meet the loom high-speed weaving demands, it has the electrical performance compatible with GETMAX and OPTMAX.

Oil - cooled motor and natural cold control box

Supporting high-speed rapier (weaving speed reaches 600RPM)

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