Application of High Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulating System in Centrifugal Booster Compressor

Release time:2020-04-04
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Project overview

A petrochemical company in Shandong is one of China's top 500 enterprises based on the oil refining, the circulating gas compressor of the enterprise propylene production workshop is driven by a 6kV / 450kW motor, the scene compressor belongs to heavy load start, and the start is very difficult, there are still large noise, large start current, pressure mutation and other issues. In addition, due to the greater volatility of load, the pressure adjusting only relies on the valve opening, causing serious energy waste.

Schematic plan

Benefit analysis

The average running current of themotor is greatly reduced with the obvious energy saving efficiency.

Achieve soft start, without impact current;

Frequency converter has low frequency and large torque characteristics, which can meet the heavy load start of field compressor;

Reduced equipment wear and tear is, significantly reduced the pipeline impact, extended maintenance cycle, cost reduction;

Power factor has been significantly improved.

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