Application of INVT Power Weizhi series integrated data center in Hunan Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau

Release time:2020-04-04
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At the end of 2008, Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau set up Police Order Department within the police station (plus Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau command center, Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau Information Center brand), consists of the command center, secretary archives, comprehensive guidance, information and communication, anti-terrorism (plus Shaoyang City People's Government anti-terrorist leadership Office brand);

[Public security organs inner institutions setting] According to the [2008] No. 5 document issued by Municipal Office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau sets up four ministries, 12 immediate detachments, a directly under police training center, four detached agencies (Shuangqing, Da Xiang, North Tower and Senlin Public Security Bureau).

Weizhi IWit series of products with INVT reliable quality and high efficiency can meet the stringent requirements of customers, becoming the ideal choice of data center power security protection.

The project adopts two sets HR1110L UPS uninterruptible power supply, 5 sets IR1200 integrated cabinet and one INCR012 air conditioning between columns.

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