Application of Electronic Coiling and Electronic Let-off in Water Jet Looms

Release time:2020-04-01
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1. Key words: constant tension control

2. Background Description:

The mechanical let-off and coiling water jet loom on the market includes a complex mechanical structure, and the shutdown and hidden problems are easy to occur on the cloth cover.

3. Application scheme: According to customers demands, INVT releases

Kinway SL310 loom electronic let-off system and coiling keep the mechanical part. It’s commonly known as: single let-off.

Kinway SL320 loom electronic coiling let-off system, let-off and coiling adopt electronic control. It’s commonly known as: coiling let-off.

Kinway SL330 loom electronic coiling double let-off system adopts electronic control for double warp axis and coiling. It’s commonly known as: coiling double let-off.

All above can be achieved:

1.Constant tension control to ensure that the fabric tension is constant. Improve the fabric quality and effectively eliminate the downtime and hidden problems.

2.Applicable water jet loom width up to 3.6 meters.

3.Simplified the mechanical structure. Corresponding gear box needs to be equipped. The reduction ratio of let-off gearbox is generally around 2000. The reduction ratio of coiling gear box is generally 1800-2500.

4.Coiling can achieve variable weft density function.

It’s suitable for the transformation of old machine and matching of new machine.

The system includes:

1.Driver and motor

2.Tension sensor: 300KG / 500KG / 750KG

3.Matching loom encoder.

4.Related wire harness.

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