BG 50-80kW Three Phase On-grid Inverter

iMars BG 50-80KW three-phase photovoltaic grid connected inverter is a photovoltaic group series inverter developed by INVT for commercial users and distributed ground power stations. It adopts advanced T three level topology and SVPWM (space vector pulse width modulation) technology. It has high power density, modular design, simple installation and maintenance, high cost performance, and high cost performance. The PV system and large scale photovoltaic power stations provide more flexible solutions.
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iMars BG 50-80kW three phase on grid inverter has been developed by INVT, specially for commercial users and distribute grounded power station. This series adopts the latest technologies and combination of T-type three level topology and SVPWM. It has many outstanding advantages such as power density, modular design, easy installation and maintenance, and highly cost effective. It also provides more flexible system configuration and solutions for distributed PV power station and large PV grounded power plants.


▪ Max. efficiency up to 98.9%.
▪ 4 MPPT, Wide input voltage range, adapt to all kinds of solar panels and string configuration.
▪ Adopt combined technology of T-type three level topologies and SVPWM.

▪ AC output power is adjustable between 1-100%.
▪ Grid self-adaptation, no N-line AC design to meet various grid access requirements.
▪ Integrated global monitor management, APP with one-button registration.

▪ IP65 protection level, suitable for various installation environments.
▪ Advanced film bus capacitors, latest thermal simulation technology for longer lifespan.

▪ High power density, modular design.
▪ Widthwise appearance design, easy to maintain.

iMars WinExpert

iMars PhoneExpert

iMars SysExpert (INVT Solar System Design Software)

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