iMars WinExpert

IMars WinExpert photovoltaic power system remote monitoring platform is a new generation of photovoltaic networking monitoring platform developed by INVT. It includes power monitoring, power management, fault processing equipment, power generating capacity and investment income data analysis functions, provides professional power management and intelligent operation and maintenance scheme for distributors, installers and end users.
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▪ Manage user information and power station equipment.

• Able to view the status of the operation of power plants, power plant equipment fault information, real time power, investment income and other related data, and have the report function.

• Visualize interface, display the power station and its equipment data, running state in chart.

• Able to query inverter version information, update online, collect user feedback, adjust output power and other functions.

• A neutral version of the login interface is available to our important partners.

iMars WinExpert

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