INVT Contactless Elevator Calling Solution

Release time:2020-06-24 Click amount: 2086

The COVID-19 has raised higher requirements on the security of public facilities. Experts point out that elevators are places of high frequency contact and are at high risk of cross-infection. So, it’s very important to prevent the spread of the virus in the elevator to ensure passengers have a safe and comfort riding.

As a trusted and professional provider of elevator control solutions, INVT has launched a "CONTACTLESS" elevator calling solution to avoid cross-infection and contribute to public protection.

Automatic control of car disinfection and ventilation
● UV disinfection lamp installed in the car
● To avoid virus transmission in car and the shaft, the system can control the elevator standby with door open, keep well ventilated
● After passengers using the elevator, the system will start the disinfection equipment automatically according to the human body infrared sensor and elevator state, avoid disinfection equipment cause harm to health of passengers

Gesture hall calling system
● In the hall, shake hand up or down instead of pressing button to call the elevator
● No need to touch the buttons to avoid cross-infection

Voice car calling system
● A simple call, activate the voice car calling system
● Recognize and register the floor call which passenger wants by voice and elevator runs automatically
● Using elevator by speaking instead of moving hand

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