Solar Internet of Things Monitoring System

INVT solar water pump IOT monitoringsystem is a set of system applied IOT monitoring, management and analysis. It supports remote management maintenance and analysis of the equipment. It can solve the problems of management andmaintenance of solar water pump industry due to remote and scattered equipment, so as to make the work more intelligent and more efficient.
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1.Support interactivecommunication with the remote monitoring platform server of iMars WinExpertsolar power generation system (WEB browser version);

2.Monitor and manage user information and power plant facilities;

3.View power plant running state, device fault information,generating capacity and gain on investment, report function is available; 

4.Visualized interface which displays power plant, its device dataand running state in diagrams;

5.Support remote fault examination and positioning of fault information, thus saving maintenancecost;

6.Support check on version information, collection of userfeedback and benchmarking of generating capacity.

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