RML Series Modular Online UPS 15-400kVA (200V/208V/220V)

The RML series modular UPS provides the most compact footprint of less than 2㎡ with maximum capacity of 600kVA in parallel. With best reliability and high performance, it has been leading the domestic market for years. The RML series is considered to be the best power protection solution for large data centers, as well as for sensitive electronics.
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Independent LCD for Each Power Module

Each power module has an independent LCD, gives users’ direct overview of status data and alarms in real time.

Friendly Interface

Provide graphical and text based information of alarms, status data, instructions that users can have more friendly and safer operation.

Isolated Air Flow

The dedicated and redundant hot-swappable power modules take the most unique structure design. In this design, the PCB boards and heat-sinkers are in two completely different layers, which allows the UPS run in dusty environments, significantly improving its stability and environmental adaptability.

Cooling air flows in the lower layer, keeping the upper PCB free of dust

One air flow channel ensures fans redundancy, even one fan fails, power module can run normally

Unique Design for High Reliability

Instead of discrete IGBT and SCR components, RML series UPS uses modular IGBT and SCR in Rectifier and Inverter, bringing in extremely high reliability.

All components in one module, less fault points, higher reliability

All components integrated as one modular design, smaller disparity

Less space needed, UPS with compact design and higher power design

Integrated inner thermal sensors, display IGBT inner temperature directly

High Density, Modular, Scalable

High power density, footprint for 200kVA is 0.66m², power density 240kW/m², saving valuable data center space

Scalable from 20kVA to 600kVA, max 30 power modules in parallel

Inherently N+X redundant

Hot-swappable power module and bypass & monitoring module

Additional charging module, extra charging current 50A × N for long time back up application

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