IPU52-01 Type Power Module

IPU52-01 type power module carries high power density, 3300V/1200A IGBT parallel technology, modular design, easy maintenance, lightweight stainless steel structure, forced air cooling copper radiator, large creepage design etc, and meets the demand of PD4.
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1. High power density

2. 3300V/1200A IGBT parallel technology

3. Modular design, easy maintenance

4. Lightweight stainless steel structure

5. Forced forced air-cooled copper radiators

6. Larger creepage design to meet PD4 requirements

Parameter nameParameter description
Input voltageDC1500V(700V~1800V)
Maximum switching frequency600 Hz
Cooling methodForced air cooling
Outline dimensionL×W×H402mm×461mm×515mm
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