IP65 GPRS Communication Adapter

INVT ICA200-06 series IP65 GPRS communication adaptor is an IoT wireless data terminal designed for iMars solar inverter. It supports long-distance data transmission via operator’s network and adopts industrial-level 16/32-bit communication processor and wireless module. It takes embedded real-time operating system as software support platform and carries RS485 interface to connect to serial device for transparent data transmission.
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IP65 high protection level to meet application requirement of outdoor environment;

Small and compact structure;

Convenient to install and easy to use, users only need to insert it into inverter 485 interface;

Running state and data information of the system device can be monitored anytime;

Modbus inquire address and collection cycle are settable, realize classified data uploading to save traffic;

Support GPRS positioning

Type designation:

ICA200 –01G–5


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