HT33-TX Series Tower Online UPS 10-40kVA (380V/400V/415V)

HT33-TX series in-built transformer three phase UPS applies advanced technology that increases performance and reliability: two high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor and low input current distortion. With in-built transformer, the HT33-TX is providing more safety to critical load.
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IDC(Internet Data center),ISP,IT Room, Service Center

Precision instruments, Intelligent equipment


In-built galvanic isolation transformer over-load, battery under voltage, fan failures, short-circuit

High input PF>0.99;Input current THDi<4%

Multi-protection, over-temperature protection with 8 sensors, over-load, battery under voltage, fan failures, short-circuit

Four circuit breakers, providing full protection when fault happens

Battery cold start

Battery management: smart charging control, auto maintenance, greatly extend the battery life

Parallel up to 8 units

Friendly operation interface, high-resolution LCD screen

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