HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10kVA (220V/230V/240V)

HR11 series, ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA, is double conversion online rack UPS with fully DSP controlled technology. The single phase of 6-10kVA UPS applies the advanced 3-level technology, achieving a efficiency up to 95%. With its compact design of high power density (kW=kVA) in 2U height, HR11 series make it ideal choice for computers, telecommunication equipment and other sensitive devices.
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IDC(Internet Data Center), network, servers and workstations, control system, communication system, office, PC etc.


Common features for 1-10kVA

Wide range of input voltage while input PF>99%

19” standard cabinet and battery cabinet

Full protection of overvoltage, circuit short and over temperature

LCD/LED display, monitoring all the operation status

Automatic fan speed adjustment

Abundant interface: RS232,USB, SNMP, Intelligent Card

Unique features for 6-10kVA

High efficiency, up to 95%

kVA=kW, output PF=1

Intelligent charging management, effectively improving the life time of battery

3 level of technology, compatible with complicated load

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