HM Series Modular Online UPS 40-400kVA (480V)

The HM series modular, online UPS ranging from 40kVA to 400kVA is designed to protect any critical load for medium and large data center achieving maximum availability. The HM series feature the latest technology of 3-level technology and PFC input control, which guarantees high efficiency of 96% and ultra-reliability. Its compact design ensures power density of 400kVA in one cabinet, 3 units can be paralleled for capacity or redundancy up to 1200kVA, making it an excellent choice for medium and large facilities.
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Compact design

400kVA in one cabinet, footprint less than 1.45m²,saving valuable room space


High power density

40kVA power module in 4U height, easy for capacity expansion


High efficiency

Advanced 3-level technology guarantees high efficiency operating in double conversion mode up to 96%


Intelligent charging management

The system intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging,effectively improve the life time of the battery


High scalability

The system can be configured from 40kVA to 400kVA in one single cabinet,3 units in parallel for a capacity up to 1200kVA


Friendly HMI

10.4” touch color LCD with graphic display, independent LCD for each power module 


Smart sleep function

System can intelligently shutdown some power modules to increase total load rate, achieving higher efficiency


Multi communication interface

Provide RS232,RS485,USB,SNMP,AS400 and programmable dry contacts

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