GVD510 Series CDU 3-in-1 Vehicle Charger

This product is a comprehensive product, including the high voltage box, DC converter and car charger, the main functions are as follows: high pressure tank assembly (hereinafter referred to as PDU) is mainly used for placing relays, fuses, pre charge resistance of electrical parts, including fast charging relay, high pressure, high voltage pre charge relay accessories accessories relay, precharge resistor, PTC relay, PTC DCDC insurance, insurance, insurance, insurance, compressor slow charge, fast charge insurance, copper and so on.
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● Die-casting box, water cooling;

● To meet the requirements of anti vibration;

● Easy to install and wiring;

● The radiation disturbance characteristics shall be in accordance with the requirements of the radiation disturbance limit 18655-2010 of the components in GB/T first;

● The electromagnetic radiation immunity shall comply with the requirements specified in GB/T 17619-1998. The high current injection method or the free field method shall be adopted.

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