GVD510 Natural Cooling DCDC Converter

The power module adopts integral heat dissipation, which can improve the radiating condition of the whole machine, and can also be assembled into the customer radiator to strengthen the heat dissipation. The power module has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large power density and high conversion efficiency of the whole machine.
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● Monitoring program based on module self diagnosis and CAN communication, get the module's status in real time and record the module's historical operation data;

● Program online upgrade function, convenient for customers to conduct online debugging and update program in real-time ;

● The high voltage and low voltage side pre-charge circuit (INVT patent);

● The whole machine meets the requirements of ISO26262 automotive safety ASIL C requirement;

● Small size, light weight and space saving;

● Online self diagnostic function, convenient for system maintenance.

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