GD350 IP55 High-performance Drives

GD350 IP55 is a high-performance and multipurpose VFD. The IP55 protection rating provides the best protection experience for most hash outdoor applications. GD350 IP55 also incorporates features such as ease of use, excellent performance, high scalability and wide usage. At the same time, an integrated AC switch also provides convenience and security for machine control and debugging. It widely used in aquaculture farm, water treatment, fan, etc.
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* IP55 protection level
* AC switch for safe control
* Drive various motors
* Strong scalability: support to insert 3 extension cards at the same time.
* Isolated air duct
* Sectional cover design makes the wiring simple
* Widely used in aquaculture farm, water treatment, fan, etc.


GD350 IP55 Series VFD Manual

INVT VFD General Quick Start Guide

GD350 IP55 Series VFD Catalog

GD350 IP55 CE Declaration

GD350-IP55 VFD Folders (Spanish)

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