GD200L Series Elevator Drives

GD200L is a dedicated drive for all kinds of elevator applications with geared motor, easy & trusted operation with built-in elevator control logic. Support open & closed loop control with built-in incremental PG card. GD200L support 3PH 380V, 3PH 220V, 1PH 220V, 1PH 220V input & 3PH 380V output.
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(1)Built-in DBU (braking unit) upto 30kW
(2)Forced deceleration
(3)Emergency running
(4)Brake and contactor control
(5)Password & running times protection

(1)Open & closed loop control
(2)Starting torque compensation without weight sensors
(3)ACC/DEC S curve algorithm
(4)Optimized ASR

Ease of use
(1)Support open loop control and closed loop control
(2)Support parameter download & upload
(3)Direct running with default parameter setting

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GD200L Manual

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