DM Series Modular Online UPS 30-300kVA (200V/208V/220V)

The DM series modular UPS provides the compact footprint of less than 4.5㎡with maximum capacity of 900kVA in parallel, designed to protect any critical load for medium and larger data center achieving maximum availability. The DM series feature the latest technology of 3-level technology and PFC input control, which guarantees high efficiency of 94% and ultra-reliability, making it an excellent choice for medium and larger facilities.
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Independent LCD for Each Power Module

Each power module has an independent LCD, gives users’ direct overview of status data and alarms in real time.

Friendly Interface

10.4" touch color LCD with comprehensive graphical information of operation, easier for customer to maintenance.

Comprehensive Monitoring Management

In each power module, information of critical components is monitored and displayed in real time, giving customers a view of inner status of the system and providing reminder information for maintenance.

Maintenance reminder, running time of capacitors and fans displayed and recorded

Comprehensive temperature monitoring for thermal abnormal detection

Intelligent battery charger for long battery life

Critical Waveform Recording

UPS can record and save the data of the main parameters automatically when faults happen for further analysis.

Can record data information and present as waveform for further analysis

Can easily spot the causes of the failures, avoid future similar faults

Smart Sleep

Smart Sleep function can intelligently make some power modules go to sleep when load is relatively low, improving the efficiency of the remaining power modules and saving customers on power and cooling costs.

Improving efficiency, reducing power and cooling costs

Easy setting with just two steps. Customers can select sleep mode and rotation period

Power modules working in rotation, prolong the life time


Self-aging is an advanced function applied in all three phase UPS, Self-aging function can test UPS under different load situation without real load, saving more than 90% of energy.

Simulate different load conditions without connecting to any real load, saving more than 90% of energy

On site setting supported, easy for factory testing

Programmable Dry Contacts

Programmable dry contacts are available in all DM, RML and DT33 series UPS. Customers can easily expand or modify the definition of each port.

Abundant options with three inputs and four outputs, all programmable

Easy setting, just pull the drop-down menu and set

Compatible with all the DM, RML and DT33 series

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