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INVT ICA110 series data collector is an IoT data collection terminal device used to collect the data of device running state and environment monitoring device. Data upload and download can be realized by configuring wired/wireless network through data collector web page.
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Standard and easy-to-use

Provide two standard RS485 interfaces to connect to serial device directly;

Smart data terminal which can enter data transmission state at power up;

Powerful center management software for convenient device management (optional);

Convenient system configuration and maintenance interface;

Powerful function

Users can configure serial device register address and serial parameters through logging onto data collector via LAN;

Provide PC assistant update strategy file and serial parameter configuration file, and support download via one key;

Provide standard RS485 interface, support collection of 8 terminal devices at most with each terminal device supporting 64 groups of ModBus register collection;

Smart data collection terminal which can check the mounted online device at power up and collect data;

Support remote data collector software update and remote maintenance;

ModBus inquire address and collection cycle is settable;

Support remote update of strategy file and serial parameter configuration file.

Type designation:

ICA110 –01U–12


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